The Finishing Line is almost in sight

My stress levels are going through the roof and all because of a ‘banana label’, ever heard of it? Well I never had and just when I was ready to place my order with the label supplier this bombshell it. It took another 2 weeks to get this sorted ready for printing, only to find out things were not going to happen in time to meet my deadline, which could mean the product photo shoot booked may have to be cancelled. I have been feverishly working to source another supplier, and it may just happen – but it’s not a done deal yet, fingers crossed.

I can at least say I am making progress in other areas, the manufacturing of the products has started and will be finished in the next 2 weeks, yay!! My beautiful gift boxes, all 1000 of them will be delivered next week – now where to store them, time to convert my living room into a storage room. The website is really coming along and I have my wonderful nephew to thank for this.