LUXURY HANDMADE SOY WAX CANDLES - choice of 3 fragrances

Candles trio 2.JPG
Candles trio 2.JPG

LUXURY HANDMADE SOY WAX CANDLES - choice of 3 fragrances


Candles inspired by joy, made with love x

Made in small batches our candles are made from 100% Natural Wax, using cotton and linen wicks, and lovingly hand-poured into our beautiful reusable heavyweight tumbler, perfect for use afterwards as a spirit or cocktail glass!


Beautifully uplifting notes of lemongrass blended with sweet earthy basil invigorate and awaken the senses with this refreshing aroma.  In need an energising boost – this is the perfect fragrance!


This intoxicating, sensual and intriguing fragrance is a sweet and sultry fusion of exotic black amber and a harmony of complementary notes of grapefruit, geranium and twist of lemon delicately balanced with sandalwood. To entice all your senses!


An elegant enticing scent gently wrapped in oriental notes of bamboo infused with musk and vanilla to create a luxurious fragrance experience.

The first burn is the most important!

For a great candle experience always allow your candle to create the 'melt pool' across the entire surface, approx 2 - 3 hours before extinguishing the candle. If extinguished prior to allowing a full melt pool, all subsequent melt pools will not go past the first one.

Burn time 30 hours+



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