Ayo  Joy: Body & Soul

The Scent :  At the heart of the range is our unique signature scent 'Salute the Sun' created exclusively by renowned perfume designer Azzi Glasser (who has created bespoke scents for the likes of Kylie, Nicole Farhi, Agent Provacateur) to awaken your senses and improve your state of mind.  

Mood-Boosting Ingredients :  includes Happy Skin made from Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract and Cacoa Extract, to help boost 'happy molecules' and as our products enhance the appearance of your skin these in turn bring joy and happiness.

Skincare Benefits :  Doesn't just improve your state of mind, it will make your skin feel beautifully soft and moisturised, containing natural actives, vitamins, antioxidants and natural essential oils.


Joy in our lives

Beauty isn't just about the quality of your skin and the youthfulness of your complexion.  Because these things are nothing without warmth, without a smile – without joy.

But so many of us have hectic lives, packed schedules and too few hours in the day.  So how can we find body treatments that help us to look good – and feel good too?  That boost our mood, pamper our senses... make fuel our joy?


Joy in our products

From the product names to the formulations, everything in the Ayo range is the true essence of joy.

‘Salute the Sun’, is a collection of energising body treatments, characterised by our signature fragrance, featuring notes of Sicilian Bergamot and Mediterranean Lemon, as well as Jasmin Sambac, Geranium Bourbon and Rose Absolute, with the warmth of Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli and Vanilla Absolute.

The collection includes The Body Cleanser, a lightly foaming shower cleanser to invigorate and soften the skin; The Body Polisher, a deliciously nourishing formula hydrates as well as gently exfoliating the skin and when used in conjunction with The Body Polishing Cloth reveals softer and radiant skin;  and The Body Crème, a soothing, silky formula to soften and protect.


Joy in something special

Ayo products are really special - We've created the entire range around two ‘hero’ ingredients, Happy Skin and Cacoa Extract renowned for stimulating the production of b-endorphins.  In other words, they don’t just make you feel great – they make you feel happy. That’s something quite unique, and we think, quite wonderful.

And that’s not all, either.  The collection consists of four exquisite signature mood perfume fragrances and the ultimate fragrance Pure Joy,  of which 'Salute the Sun' is the first to be launched.  Each has been developed using the finest 100% ‘Grade A’ natural essential oils. The result?  Unforgettable delicious aromas that will lift your spirits and enhance your mood.  These are products women will want to come back to again and again.


Joy in our work

At Ayo, we’ve found the answer.  We’ve created products that don’t just care for your skin.  And they don’t just nurture, rejuvenate and nourish.  We've used carefully selected essential oils to enhance your mood, inspire your thoughts and lift your spirits.

Our collection of luxurious body treatments is suitable for women of all ethnicities.  Every product within the collection is carefully formulated using active ingredients, including vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids.  Then each one is tested, and made the best it can possibly be.


Joy in our promise

We are committed to delivering peace-of mind with our products by creating them FREE from; parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, DEA,PEGS, petrolatum, mineral oils, silicones, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrances or animal bi-products. 


Joy in our hearts

Every concept has a catalyst, and ours is very special and fill with an abundance of joy, passion and creativity.  Ayo is inspired by joy and is the magical essence of the brand. 

Our brand is as precious to us as our memories of its creator. Through Ayo we hope to share beauty, love, joy and happiness.  And as we are dedicated to giving back we are forming exclusive yearly partnerships with charities to donate a percentage of our net profits to deserving causes.  The first being with the Women For Women International charity, helping vulnerable women in war-torn countries.