Luxurious Skincare, Makeup & Handmade Soy Candles

How proud am I that Ayo Beauty has not one but two products nominated in the Best Body Care category in Black Beauty Fashion Awards 2017 - The Body Cleanser and The Body Polisher. This is a people's choice award so we need your votes. Just CLICK HERE to be taken to the voting page, vote away!! Don't forget to click the SUBMIT BUTTON on the voting page.


I was inspired to create AYO Beauty by my sister Joy whose magical spirit is the essence of the brand. AYO  (pronounced eye-oh) means joy in the Yoruba language and our products do just that, its a sensorial experience, bringing joy to the skin leaving it feeling beautifully silky soft and smelling divine. At the heart of the range are the unique ingredients used; Arctic Rose which naturally helps boosts endorphins to rejuvenate and enhance the skin's appearance along with our uplifting luxurious natural essential oil fragrance "Salute the Sun" created by renowned perfume designer Azzi Glasser.
AYO Beauty doesn't just improve your state of mind - containing natural actives, vitamins, antioxidants and natural essential oils, it helps to make your skin feel more beautifully nourished..
 Ours is a brand for women who desire silky soft, glowing and above all happy skin which deserves to be pampered everyday. It's all about looking good and feeling amazing and AYO Beauty will not disappoint!
THANDIE NEWTON salutes the sun with AYO BEAUTY. "Pampering our skin isn't just about relieving dryness, it's also the contact we give our bodies - the massaging strokes, the warmth of our hands smoothing nourishment into the skin suit we carry our bodies around in."  Click Here to read the full article